Gilad Lutfak | Finding Your Place in Business

Business is something that, for an entrepreneur, is in your blood. Most people are born loving something, and for an entrepreneur it can be hard to tell what exactly that thing is because all that’s known is there’s a sense of excitement when creating and strategizing. Choosing a field to run a business in can be difficult and can take you all over the place; but the compass should always be to follow your purpose.

The Gilad Lutfak Guide to Choosing an Industry

In a sea of “get rich quick” schemes, it’s never been more important to choose to start a business that not only can be wildly successful but one that actually makes a difference. ThrIVe Drip Spa was exactly that. It was this exciting business venture that could (hopefully) make a splash in Houston wellness, but more importantly, help people become the best versions of themselves.
So, let’s break down how you know you’re investing, creating, or being part of the right business.

1. You have a genuine interest in the industry.
2. You have something to offer the consumers of the industry.
3. You feel your skillset is of value to others in the sector.
4. The idea of doing it feels more like fun than work.

How to Create Something New in an Industry

One of the biggest “secrets” to creating a business that matters is to take YOUR culmination of experiences, and create new ideas out of those experiences. Some of the most successful businesses are run by people who found great ideas while traveling, put their own spin and voice on it, and launched it somewhere else.

Drip spas are something that a ton of forward-thinking communities have adopted. If you go to LA or Miami, for example, you can very easily find drip spas whether you’re trying to cure your hangover or improve your athletic performance. Houston was missing the upscale, modern, wellness promoting portion of the Drip Spa world, and that realization birthed what is now ThrIVe Drip Spa.

Choosing the People Who Push You Forward

Once you’ve got a business that makes sense, you have to surround yourself with people that really help drive your goals forward. I can’t tell you the mistake’s I’ve made and the time I’ve wasted on people that were draining my success. It was like drilling holes in my boat trying to invest into those relationships.

My success as an entrepreneur, a business owner, a friend, and every other hat I wore nearly doubled with every toxic relationship I walked away from in my life. There’s a fine line between networking and shaking hands with the right people, and keeping people around for the wrong reasons, and that was one of the biggest lessons I learned on my trek to finding success.

Valuing the people that add to your life, and those whose lives you can add to also….These people not only help you find success once you find a business, but most importantly, they keep you square with the guy in the mirror; they help you wind up in the RIGHT businesses, and they see you quickly out of businesses that suck.

The Short and Sweet of a Business Journey

All in all, there’s two things that matter when it comes to finding your place in business. For Gilad Lutfak, those things are (1) finding a business that you connect with and (2) finding people that drive you forward. Once you’ve done those things, you’re on track to create a life you love, and finding the success you’re made for.


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